3d lamp

3D Lamp – A Stormtrooper 3D Glow LED Lamp

With a 3D Lamp actually with a 3D Stormtrooper Lamp is your appartement or house decorated!

3D Visualization – Unique Lighting Effects Amazing Optical Illusion Home Decor Lamp.

The Stormtrooper lamp is a fantastically unique item that makes for the perfect gift. The lamp makes the perfect give for War Stars lovers, designers, and scientists.

Powered by universal USB cable which allow you to light up the fantacy light more easily.

Fully color customizable by button with 7 colors display(as show in the pictures). Perfect for home decor, play room, man cave, office, kids room décor.

Applicable scenarios: Bedroom, Baby room. Safety Night Light. LED light source, environmental protection, hurtless to the eyes.

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