Car Phone Holder

Car Phone Holder – Cell Phone Magnetic

Car Phone Holder is such a great invention! Easy to fix your phone to the Car Phone Holder.

BE SAFE & DON’T GET BUSTED – allows for hands free operation while driving to keep you and your passengers safe. Mount provides secure operation of your device. No more falling off the front seat! 16 states completely prohibit hand held cell phone use. 28 states prohibit car mounts on windshield.

ULTRA STRONG FOR STURDY HOLD – nickel plated, extra strength magnets provide a reliable hold for your smart device to the mount. 3M VHB adhesive secures the mount to withstand any bumps or jarring. Magnet does NOT effect cell phone signal or battery.

ALL DEVICES, MANY USES Mount phones or tablets of any size on our magnetic holder from iPhones to giant Galaxy Notes. Not only intended for car use. Our mount is great for keeping your phone or iPad secure in the kitchen, in your office, on a bike, even in the shower!

EASY INSTALLATION Polished silver and black will fit any car, office environment, home area. Mount’s sleek design uses minimal space. Easily position and view your device from any angle – 360 degree rotation. Ultra thin sticker for back of device. Leaves no marks! Our 3M adhesive is super easy to apply. Peel off protective film and stick mount on desired spot. Stick the metal disk to the back of your phone or case. Multiple disks included for multiple devices!


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